Ristorante Da Ciccio Amalfi – La cucina tipica della Costiera Amalfitana

Autumn menu 2018

Autumn menu 2018


 Hors d’oeuvre

Steamed seafood salad

Seared squid with crispy vegetables, mashed potatoes, tomato confit and mullet bottarga

Fresh tomato, mozzarella cheese, olives, eggplant and bread cream

Poached octopus with broccoli in two texures and crouton

Shrimps carpaccio with summer salad, orange mustard and sesame seeds chips

Mashed codfish breaded and fried, squid ink sauce and cauliflower puree



Pumpkin soup orange scented with grilled cuttlefish salad and toasted almonds

Beans soup with stuffed mussels, dried tomatoes, olives and butter crouton

Yellow tomato soup with crustaceans toast and capers


First course 

Spaghetti in baking pachment paper with clams, olives, capers, fresh tomatoes and oregano (since 1965)

Cavatelli (home made pasta) with seafood on lemon flavoured mashed potatoes

Trenette “Voiello” pasta with anchovies, dried tomatoes, cauliflower and crumbled tarallo

Rccioli pasta “Antica Maccheroneria” with brocoli,sausage Tintore wine flavored and goat cheese

Paccheri pasta “Gerardo di Nola” with octopus Bolognese

“Cascina Oschiena” carnaroli risotto with yellow tomatoes, smoked salt flavored raw scampi and crunchy seaweed


Main course fish

Fish of the day Grilled / Poached in tomato sauce / In salt crust

Mixed fried fish

Fish of the day fillet with wild mashed potatoes and black chicory

Fish of the day soup with endive in marinara style and toasted bread with salted butter

Gratinated codfish citrus flavoured with swiss chard ifrom our garden n two textures



Main course meat

Seared beef fillet with porcini mushrooms, withered pumpkin and béarnaise sauce

Neapolitan ragù with carrots, backed spinach and crunchy chips



Ricotta cheese cake with pear, pomegranate and butter biscuit

Millefeuille pie with chantilly cream and cherries

Lemon cream puffs on berries jam

Dark chocolate parfait with hazelnut sauce, milk cream and Maldon salt

Cannolo stuffed with chestnut cream, orange and dark chocolate