Ristorante Da Ciccio Amalfi – La cucina tipica della Costiera Amalfitana


It’s on the green hill of Scala, the oldest village on the Amalfi Coast opposite Ravello, where Hotel Zi’Ntonio*** is located, since 1961.

“We like to think of our hotel as a home and our guests as family friends”.

Villages and corners rich of history and tradition, comfort and tailor-made services,

unspoiled and sumptuous mother nature that must be well preserved are the essential elements of making the trip an experience on the Amalfi Coast.

“A pleasant memory in the mind of our guests that desire to relive new ones “.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Mission of the Cavaliere family



9 comments on “Hospitality
  1. Massimo Brillante on said:

    If you end up visiting the Amalfi Coast you must visit this restaurant!! The food, service and surroundings are absolutely fantastic!!! No matter if you are in Amalfi, Minori, Maiori or Ravello please do have a meal here. I’ll bet a year of my salary that you will go back again and again and again…..

  2. simon nicola on said:

    We ate here for 4 out of 6 nights in Amalfi, as you can see it was our favourite restaurant. The quality of the sea food was suppurb and some mof teh best we have ever tasted. The service of the staff was fantastic and for us ‘Aussies’ they took the time to explain the menu and how each disk was cooked. I’ll be back one day

  3. Sara Catalano on said:

    Still thinking of your delicious past with essence of anchovy. Going to try to make it tonight. We were at your restaurant in June with Massimo and had a fantastic lunch/dinner. You guys were absolutely fantastic. We bought the essence in town and haven’t tried it yet. I remember you said you added soy sauce. I hope to hear back from you as how to make it. I will be back in september, we will be 8 people so I will make a reservation to have your delicious food once again


  4. Piper Peterson on said:

    We are missing your restaurant so much, and Antonio especially. We could have eaten at your restaurant every night in early April, 2016, if we had only found you a couple days earlier. Two times was not enough. I appreciate Antonio picking us up and taking us home because my husband had a sprained ankle. Thank you for the Prosecco on the terrace when I happened to walk into your restaurant with my little dachshund. You made us feel so welcome. I shall tell everybody I can how fantastic your food, your view, your attention to detail and your service was. The best restaurant experience we have ever had.

  5. Elyse Dasko on said:

    Last week we were fortunate to have lunch at your restaurant. Our driver, Enzo, took us there. One of the dishes we had was the cavatelli with lemon mashed potatoes. Is there a recipe or hint you could share so I could try to recreate this at home in California? Please. We also loved the small starter you provided.

    Again – grazie.

  6. Heiko on said:

    Es war ein wirklich riessiges Geschenk, dass wir “Ciccio” entdecken durften. Den Urlaub verbrachten wir fast jeden Abend dort und haben es mehr als genossen. Man muss etwas mehr Geld investieren, als in anderen Lokalen in der Region. Aber das ist jeden einzelnen Cent wert !!!! Ich würde hier auch 10 Sterne geben.
    Danke, danke, danke, Ihr habt Gastronomie in Perfektion verstanden !!!!

  7. Brian Paylago on said:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this place!
    My husband & I thoroughly enjoyed our experiences at this lovely, family-run restaurant! We were given the recommendation bc it was close to the villa where we were staying & it was a walk down the hill to get to from us. When I made the reservation, they offered to pick us up, but we declined. Nice that they give that courtesy though. We were greeted by a gentleman outside who brought us into the restaurant to the maitre d who brought us to our lovely table towards the back by the glass sliding doors that lead to the large terrace lounge. This restaurant is 3rd generation family-run currently run by 4 brothers each responsible for different areas i.e. front of house, chef, sommelier, & desserts (I believe).
    We chose the ‘chef’s tasting menu’ which was PERFECT & DELICIOUS! All the courses came out well timed, beautifully presented, & utterly delicious one bite to the next. All their vegetables are from their own farm, so very fresh. Sometimes between courses, we would slip outside onto the terrace lounges and gaze at the beautiful view of the stars & the sound of the sea. The entire staff was very friendly & very professional. We really enjoyed our chats with the youngest brother who was front of the house. He gave us the insights to the family & the restaurant and even gave us suggestions to where to go & places to visit.

    We were lucky to have our 1st dinner on the Amalfi Coast at Ciccio’s, but knew it would be difficult for all others bc they set the bar soooo high! We even had dinner close by on another night, but opted to have dessert & after dinner drinks back on Ciccio’s lovely terrace. I HIGHLY recommend a lovely dining experience here!
    Thank you, Ciccio’s, for spoiling us!

  8. My family enjoyed and was amazed by the dining experience you provided . I sincerely had the best time of my life at you restaurant the wine was exquisite. The clams and pasta in the bag was well word describe the delicate sweetness and labyrinth of flavors that blew my mind.

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